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Biological Relocation Solutions LLC (BioRelo) specializes in biological material relocation and scientific transport at various temperatures. We work closely with academic, clinical, pharmaceutical, and biotech clients to ensure safe delivery of their irreplaceable material.
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BioRelo offers a safe and reliable way to transport research and clinical material, pharmaceutical drug products, and chemicals at temperatures ranging from ambient to -196C. We have a combined three decades of experience in biological material relocation and scientific transport worldwide.
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Our project managers and drivers, who are also technicians, are trained and certified in handling, packing and transporting both clinical and research material including category A and B infectious substances as well as various chemicals.
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Our state-of-the-art vehicles are equipped with multiple generators which provide redundant power to all freezers and refrigerators onboard. Transported materials are carried in customer or BioRelo owned freezers or refrigerators. While in transport, all mechanical and liquid nitrogen units are kept operational and internal temperatures are monitored and recorded electronically.
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BioRelo compiles with all applicable US and International transportation regulations. We hold Special Permits from the Department of Transportation (DOT) to carry infectious material in mechanical and liquid nitrogen freezers. Our certificates are available upon request.


Prior to pick up, each freezer and refrigerator are identified and a dedicated space is assigned to it on our transport vehicle. During transport, backup units of appropriate size and temperature, and a nitrogen supply tank are carried on board of each truck. Upon delivery, each unit is evaluated for integrity, placed in its designated location and connected to a verified electric outlet and when applicable to the liquid nitrogen supply.

Continuous improvement, regulatory compliance, and service excellence are the cornerstones of our business which allow us to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. BioRelo conducts business with integrity, while always putting the customer first.

We look forward to being of service and we can assure you we will do all that is appropriate to warrant your confidence,

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common questions

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How is my material transported?
Our clinical material relocation and scientific transport is always carried at the customer specified temperature. Our relocation vehicles can carry any material at temperatures ranging from ambient to -196C.
How is my material monitored during transport?

During transport all material onboard of our vehicles is monitored 24/7 by our temperature monitoring system which continuously records the temperatures of all units onboard and will notify our team of any deviations from the set parameters.

How is my material handled before and after transport?

Prior to bio relocation, our team will carefully pack your material by securing it within the freezers and refrigerators. The units will then be carried to the loading dock on hydraulic lifts. When onboard of our trucks, all units are securely strapped to the walls of the trucks and the independent temperature probes are inserted in each unit. Upon delivery the process is reversed.

What type of redundancy is in place?

There are always backup and at temperature freezers and refrigerators on board of our trucks which are ready to accept material from a failing unit. Uninterrupted power supply is provided by the onboard generator and is backed by the backup generators.


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